System strengthening

Marginalised young people need organizations that will help them learn new skills in order to improve their chances of finding equitable and profitable employment. They need civil society groups who can break down the barriers that keep youth on the fringes of economic development.

System strengthening is important for the long-term sustainability of local organisations working for youth development.  Strong organisations develop more effective projects and products. Weak organisations waste money and opportunities.

YEJ works to help youth-centred organizations and business to improve their administration and finance systems, strengthen their governance structures and networks, and refine their advocacy, policy development and fundraising strategies. Through mentoring, partnership and skills transfer, YEJ also helps organisations to improve their research and data gathering techniques for improved programming and advocacy.

“YEJ  conducted a baseline survey and needs assessment among victims of violence and abuse in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This project enabled local partners to develop psychosocial support programmes, vocational skills training and enterprise development opportunities for local young people. YEJ’s findings have also strengthened advocacy efforts for the people made vulnerable by conflict and violence in DRC.”